Thursday, March 29, 2012

Storm Tossed and Walk the Land - Memoirs in March!

Today we cover the final two books for the Carried Away --- Memoirs in March! For a few days you can download copies of these books for yourself for FREE! 

Amazon Kindle versions are at the following links from March 29 - Apr.2

Israel fascinates me. I suppose it can't help but to fascinate me, beacuse when Jesus was in flesh like we are, he lived there. Walk The Land is a memoir of one lady's journey WALKING through and in Israel. What she learned, what it changed in her, and the things that became more real through her experiences. 

Storm Tossed - This one I am still reading. I have been very close to someone I cared a great deal for who had some horrible sex addictions. That is a term that gets hidden or buried in most churches. People don't know how to cope if you say you or your friend has a spouse who has this kind of addictions. This is one man's story of overcoming ALL things through Christ. 

I think you will enjoy these books! Carol 

STORM TOSSED: How A U.S. Serviceman Won the Battle of Sex Addiction by Jake Porter 
WALK THE LAND: A Journey on Foot through Israel by Judith Galblum Pex.

good memoir brings a single life sharply into focus; when that life illuminates a turbulent historical context, the results can be enthralling." ~ Kathryn Atwood.
We have been "getting carried away" with MEMOIRS. this month. These true stories can give us inspiration to live more fully and faithfully.
All these stories show God at work in our world, walking with individuals through the fires of tragedy, terror, war, and abandonment; giving them stories to tell of God's intervention, comfort, and victory.
These international memoirs happened in Africa, Israel, China, Taiwan, Western Europe, Russia, Southeast Asia and America.
Each week we have offered up-to-date author interviews, follow-up stories, photos, slide shows, videos, free eBook offers, blog tours, and even international recipes.
"Get carried away" with us as we watch for April showers.

Jake Porter, author of STORM TOSSED and other Navy crew aboard the "USS America" in the Persian Gulf during Desert Storm

Watch video interview of Judy Pex, author of WALK THE LAND:

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