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Paper Poppies AND Faithful Friends - Carried Away March Memoirs!!!

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Today is another installment of being Carried Away by Memoirs in March! I tell you I have gone and done it now, because I am so carried away with reading that I am behind a bit on my reading and a few other things too! LOL! So while we are carried away, this ONE post will be covering TWO books. My short comments are not enough here, but  here they are! Paper Poppies is a moving true life story of a woman searching for God and answers in Russia. Communist, rather Godless Russia at the time. How great God's love is for us!!! Then Faithful Friends shows vividly how God uses his creatures to comfort and remind us that He is with us always!

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Read on and find out more information!

by Marianna Vekhova
FAITHFUL FRIENDS : Holocaust Survivors' Stories of the Pets who Gave Them Comfort, Suffered Alongside Them and Waited for Their Return
by Susan Bulanda
These two books give gripping accounts of children torn from the safety and comfort of their homes and families in World War II Europe. We, the readers, can gain inspiration, wisdom and empathy from reading their eloquent memoirs.

The child in Paper Poppies was a crippled orphan with TB whose body was strapped to a hospital bed in Siberia, but whose mind and heart were on an amazing and memorable quest for Truth. Marianna sifted through the myriad of beliefs that filled empty souls during the Communist years in Russia: Soviet atheism, old folklore and superstitions, and empty religious traditions. When, in her pain and loneliness, one Christian dared to share her Christian faith with Marianna, a seed was planted that later led her to Christ.

The stories in Faithful Friends are by Holocaust survivors who were children during the Holocaust in several European countries. They tell of separation, betrayal and terror, and the comfort and hope God provided through the companionship and loyalty of their pets.

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176 pages
Price: $12.99
Available through and other online retailers, or through bookstores anywhere.
The Amazon Kindle version is FREE March 15 - 19 here
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Review Quote:
"The story of a spiritual journey, this book will allow you to enter the struggle of the Russian soul like no other." ~ Pamela Brunson, World Witness
About the Author:
Marianna Vekhova is a graduate of Moscow State University, School of Journalism. She worked as an editor for a children's publishing house, then wrote scripts for children's radio and television. She has published children's books in Russian. She also has volunteered at a Moscow mission evangelizing street children.
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144 pages
Price: $12.99
Available through and other online retailers, or through bookstores anywhere.
The Amazon Kindle version is FREE March 15 - 19 here
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"Each riveting chapter, headed by a brief explainer of Germany's occupation of a specific European country (seven total), segues into an emotional, detailed memoir of a writer's bond with his/her pet and the never-ending angst associated with leaving it behind to an uncertain fate. Each narrative connects powerfully to the reader, detailing a glacial, soberly reflective journey that taxes the human-animal bond to the ultimate." ~ Renny Green,
About the Author:
Susan Bulanda is a recognized and accomplished dog trainer and animal behaviorist. She holds a B.A. in Psychology and a M.A. in Education, and is an adjunct professor at Kutztown University. She is the author of many published books, including God's Creatures: A Biblical View of Animals. Sue and her husband reside in Pennsylvania.
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Interview with Susan Bulanda:
1. How did Faithful Friends come to be? What made you think of compiling stories such as these? How did you connect with the families who told their stories? How long did it take?
I thought of doing this book because in the movie The Diary of Anne Frank, they risked their lives to hide a cat with them. I wondered how many other people had stories to tell. I ran ads in magazines, both hard copies and on line to find people. The fact gathering took me quite a few years because the stories came in very slowly.
2. What did you, both as a Christian and as an animal behaviorist, hope to achieve by compiling stories about the pets during the holocaust of WWII?
My main objective for writing the book was to teach people in general 51; and specifically today's youth 51; about the Holocaust and counter some of the rumors that the Holocaust did not exist.
3. What is the greatest impact you have seen come about from the publishing of these stories?
The most rewarding aspect of doing this book was that it gave the contributors closure after so many years. That meant the most to me
4. What is the accomplishment that you are most proud of in your life?
I have had such a blessed life because God has given me a number of gifts, so it is hard to pick one major accomplishment. Some people would consider a strong, lasting marriage an accomplishment, successfully raising a son who is proud to have served as a Marine, and helping so many people with their pet problems. I am very proud of all of the years my husband and I ran canine search and rescue units as volunteers.
5. Writers are usually lifelong readers. When you were a child what were your favorite books?
Without a shadow of a doubt, I was an Albert Payson Terhune fan.
6. What do you like to do in your down time?
I do not have down time so to speak. I am one of those people who is doing something most of the time. I sew, garden, bird watch, and I like to bake.
7. Where on the Internet can we find you?

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