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When Night Comes by Dan Walsh

Dan Walsh broke with his former genera and has written a captivating book that you will not want to miss!

In the quite town of Cullpepper, Ga. things are not so quite after all! Jack Turner just went back there for some piece and quite to write another book. While there he has arranged to give a lecture for his former Professor, on WWII. Jack is a history writer, it is what he is seeped in. However, history is about to take on a huge new meaning for Jack very soon, and Rachel! He hadn't expected to see Rachel again. She's changed and it is possible they could have a chance at a great many things, if this town's secrets don't destroy one of them, or someone close to them first!

Meanwhile, there are somethings no-one would expect afoot in this tiny town. It all starts unraveling with the un-nerving death of a Cullpepper collage student. Detective Joe Boyd thought this quite town would be just the ticket after the high crime and drama Pittsburgh. With this college student dead, and things not quite adding up, all I can say is this town is going to need Joe in ways they never dreamed about...until now.

This book was a page turner. I wasn't sure at first, being that I am not normally into war stories, but with each page I was more and more drawn in. I was thrilled to read something with much more depth and suspense than Mr. Walsh's other books. This one has his classic "time gone by" feeling but didn't loose the modern day edge that we live in. It was sad when it was over, and I'm praying he will write more books in this style. I felt I was at last, reading more of the real Dan Walsh, and not just what he has been allowed to publish thus far.

A highly recommended read for anyone wanting a dramatic, suspenseful, clean read!I understand the purpose of the other books, but in my book shelf, this one is Dan's best book so far!

My copy of this book came from the Author in exchange for my honest review and nothing else.

Carol :)

Jack Turner comes back to Culpepper to give a series of lectures for his old history professor. Within days, he starts having bizarre experiences at night. Like he’s traveling back in time, experiencing the epic events in his lectures firsthand. He has no control over these experiences and can’t make them stop.

Joe Boyd thought he’d left big city crime back in Pittsburgh when he took a detective job in Culpepper, Georgia, a sleepy southern college town. His peaceful life ends when two students turn up dead in two weeks. The coroner is saying natural causes, but something doesn’t add up.

Rachel Cook, a teaching assistant at Culpepper, can’t believe Jack is back in her life again. She’s had a crush on him since she was fourteen, but Jack never knew. He instantly seems attracted to her, but she can tell…something is deeply troubling him.
Watching all this from a distance is Nigel Avery. He’s certain this experiment’s about to unravel. It’ll be his job to tie up all the loose ends when it does.

Bestselling author Dan Walsh is known for page-turning storylines. Fans of his novels The Discovery and What Follows After will especially love…When Night Comes. 

  About the Author

Dan Walsh is the bestselling, award-winning author of more than a dozen novels including The Unfinished Gift, The Discovery and What Follows After. His books have been highly reviewed by USA Today and in magazines such as Publishers Weekly, RT Book Reviews and Library Journal. Dan lives and writes in the Daytona Beach area with his wife, Cindi. They have 2 grown children and 3 grandchildren.
When Night Comes - Available for Pre-Order Now/Releases Nov 1st

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