Friday, November 14, 2014

Dr Who: The Blood Cell

A man, or is this guy a man, called "The Governor" has trapped the Doctor! Well, we know that is always a mistake, but in watching him work to escape The Governed has become quite intrigued by our Doctor. After all, he runs this prison that is on/in an asteroid. It is home to mega horrific criminals. Why is our Doctor, Prisoner 428 in there? What are the charges against him now? The Doctor has knowledge, there are about to be a lot of folks dead if this Governor doesn't listen to him. Clara is trying to help, but this is a big situation that is a wee bit confusing. 

This book does need a bit of work, it isn't as well put together as the last book I read, but it is still Dr. Who and with a bit of help it could be a stronger book! 

My copy of this book came from Blogging For Books in exchange for my honest review, nothing more. 

Carol :) 


"Release the Doctor - or the killing will start." 

An asteroid in the furthest reaches of space - the most secure prison for the most dangerous of criminals. The Governor is responsible for the worst fraudsters and the cruellest murderers. So he's certainly not impressed by the arrival of the man they're calling the most dangerous criminal in the quadrant. Or, as he prefers to be known, the Doctor. 

What does impress the Governor is the way the new prisoner immediately sets about trying to escape. And keeps trying. Finally, he sends for the Doctor and asks him why? But the answer surprises even the Governor. And then there's the threat - unless the Governor listens to the Doctor, a lot of people will die. 

Who is the Doctor and what's he really doing here? Why does he want to help the Governor? And who is the young woman who comes every day to visit him, only to be turned away by the guards?  

When the killing finally starts, the Governor begins to get his answers...


He is a mystery! I checked his page on Amazon, but he doesn't have a profile up yet. This is his only book listed, so this could be a debute novel! 


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