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Too Good To Be Truman by Chris Well (A Crime Comedy)

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This is a fun read.
Truman, as in yes--- Harry Truman is currently a down-and-out, unemployed, reporter/writer. He isn't doing  so well since the newspaper fired him as their best reporter. His replacement can't even get a story straight, nor get it edited properly. What's a man with nose for news to do with out a job? The typewriter is haunting him because he just can't get it together to get a novel out, and the bills are all way past due. As Truman tries to make heads or tails out of his miserable days in the piles of bills comes a letter. It says he GAVE half a million dollars to the local homeless shelter-mission. Yeah right, if that were the case he wouldn't be living in the total disaster currently called "home" on the verge of loosing it all. Truman figures this is nothing but junk mail, or a joke from his nemesis, until the IRS shows up at his place. They want to know how he got the money and that he has to have an investigation now. Then the FBI appears and they want to know what crime(s) he committed to get that much money, and why his place looks like it does when the bank says he had so much cash travel through his account suddenly. And if that hadn't made his little corner of the world precarious enough some very mean thugs type guys want answers about the money and they want them fast!

Well that is just a bit too much for Truman. He is involved whether he likes it or not and he must find out who did this and why before he winds up convicted of a crime he didn't commit, or killed trying to protect himself. It is looking 50/50 that it could go either way before he can get to the bottom of the matter. The bank says that is HIS signature, and sure enough, it matches! How on Earth did that happen? Where is that missing new singer? Young Darla has been kidnapped while her record sales are skyrocketing. Her producers are happy as can be as the money pours in from her hit sales, but the clues to find her are few and far between for the police. Truman has a few ideas of his own and what might be going on with the plot that has him framed and in deep trouble.

Along the way Truman makes a few new friends and finds out some very inventive ways to turn the tables on people who have been less than kind to him. Some of that was quite funny! Truman gets his act together more and more as he works to solve his own case and clear his name. I really enjoyed this fun book!
I hear that Too Bad To Be Truman is next, and I hope to have that review for you when I get to read it.


About the book: 

You Never Had Money Trouble Like This
When unemployed crime reporter Harry Truman gets a note from a local
mission thanking him for his generous contribution—to the tune of a half-million
dollars—he's reasonably certain he had nothing to do with it. But then the IRS
comes banging on his door, followed quickly by the FBI, and some very nasty
men, and soon Truman knows he's got to figure out who stuck him with this halo
if he doesn't want to get fitted with prison stripes—or a harp and wings...

About the Author:

Here's the deal: When I was in the first grade  my life goal was that I would grow up to be Batman. Because I thought it was a vocation -- you know, policeman, fireman, Batman. Once my first grade teacher crushed the dreams of that little boy I guess I decided I would do the next best thing and make up stories about Batman. And then somewhere after that I learned about things like "intellectual property" and "copyright law" and "cease and desist" and decided that I would have to make up stories about my own characters. So today I do just that: Write stories about my own characters -- whether it's a doomed hitman named  Solomon Long, or a grumpy old amateur sleuth Earl Walker, or an out-of-work smart alec crime reporter named Truman. My novels include the crime comedy TOO GOOD TO BE TRUMAN ; the Earl Walker whodunit - NURSING A GRUDGE and the Kansas City crime shoot-em-up FORGIVING SOLOMON LONG.

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