Monday, April 14, 2014

What Follows After by Dan Walsh

Meet the Harrisons. Gina, Scott, and their two sons, Colt who is 11, and Timmy who is 6 years old. One family who decided to pretend. They decided to pretend they weren't falling apart to save face in the wake of a relationship on the rocks.  In a time when divorce was less common, it was a shame to say you were separated or divorced, so they hid it. Colt and Timmy played along, what else were they do to? Now, they are paying the price because of their broken relationship. Colt and Timmy are missing, and the world is headed for a war. How do you find missing little boys while the President decides if nukes should be deployed or not? What follows after secrets and lies are exposed? What follows after your children are missing, your marriage broken, your job, your life, and indeed the entire country is practically laid open for all to see? 

I have read several of Dan Walsh's books. This is the best one so far. A moving read about misconceptions, getting to really know the folks around you, forgiveness and healing. If you decide to skip all the rest of his books, I would recommend that you at least read this one. 


What Follows After

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In 1962, life was simple, the world made sense, and all families were happy. And when they weren't, everyone knew you were supposed to pretend.
With their family about to collapse, Colt Harrison and his little brother, Timmy, hatched a plan. They would run away from their Florida home, head for their aunt’s house in Savannah, Georgia, and refuse to come home until their parents got back together. But things go terribly, terribly wrong. Colt’s mother and father must come to grips with years of neglect and mistrust in order to recover their sons, their love for one another, and their broken marriage.
In this emotional story set against the backdrop of the Cuban Missile Crisis, Dan Walsh takes readers on a journey to rediscover the things that matter most in life–love, truth, and family.
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