Saturday, January 12, 2013

The Lesson by Suzanne Woods Fisher

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Third in a series, The Lesson is about Mary Kate Lapp, or M.K. Now 19 she is facing all new challenges, and the pull of the great wide world. Through an accident, which she had a hand in, M.K. is now teaching or um, failing at teaching school. What is one girl to do with a class in all age ranges of children who don't even like her? How can she survive this or reach them? Who killed the sheep farmer and what will happen to M.K, if she falls in love?

Meanwhile Chris is just struggling to overcome his past and take care of his little sister Jenny. However, most of Chris's past is tied to his drug addicted mother. Now he lives near M.K. and Jenny is one of her students. Their lives are more tied together than any of them know! There is a deep mystery and love, redemption and forgiveness coursing through this tale.


About the Book:
In her wildest dreams, spunky and impulsive nineteen-year-old Mary Kate Lapp never imagined herself behind a schoolteacher's desk. A run-in (literally) with the schoolteacher compels her to act as a substitute teacher, just as her restless desire to see the world compels her to apply for a passport . . . just in case. The only thing of interest to M.K. in the sleepy Amish community of Stoney Ridge is the unexplained death of a sheep farmer that coincided with the arrival of a mysterious young man into the community. Frustrated that no one takes the crime seriously, she takes matters into her own hands. Unfortunately, as tends to be the case for M.K., she jumps headlong into trouble.

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Available January 2013 at your favorite bookseller from Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group.


Suzanne said...

Hi Carol! Loved your review about "Lesson"--your wording about M.K.'s teaching (uh, teaching!) made me laugh out loud. Thanks so much for reading my book, writing a review, and being a part of the blog tour. I'm so sorry it's taken me so long to drop by--I had a wildly busy Christmas (daughter had a baby, son got engaged), and slipped right into January with a manuscript due in as "Lesson" was releasing. Just getting caught up now. But...I am grateful! Warmly, Suzanne PS Hope you'll post your review on Amazon if you get a minute!

Carol E. Keen said...

Thank you so much Mrs. Fisher, for your comments! I do have my review up on Amazon. I posted it the same day I did here on my blog. Maybe it got lost? So I did an edit - and maybe that will help it show up better?

I have done some teaching, and I have been in school in a classroom with every grade in it. It is quite challenging! I could just really relate to M.K. in that area.

I am glad you had a busy, but good Christmas! I am even more thrilled that you got to post on my blog.

Thank you so much!
Carol :)