Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Story Cartel - and fun!

I know I almost never post a blog that doesn't have a book review. This is an exception.
I addition to my regular places that I work with, I have been getting a few books from a place called
Story Cartel. You can find them here:

This will be important later for other reason that I'm not sharing just yet! (VERY BIG GRIN!)

Over at Story Cartel there is a wide range of books, some are even amazing Christian Fiction. You download books for free, and review them. Leaving a review in one or more places, enters you in that month's give-away. The monthly prizes vairy greatly. I was not even thinking about that when I wound up winning! WOW! I won the Readers's Retreat In A Box. Super cool.

That means I have to share what I won with you, because it is neat, fun, and well --- thrilling to win.
I wanted to share this with everyone reading my blog so they can see how cool this is, as a big THANK YOU to Joe and Story Cartel!

One box that I can recover and use for storing things. Inside - all kinds of good stuff! That is a Thank You card they sent me too! Small items were wrapped in black paper, matching my box, and to keep things safe. I'm impressed!

The coffee, well, we used that up already! LOL! It is was an organic that comes from a grocery store that we have in our are. Nice to know about that! The little tea pot, is now my spoon holder next to the coffee pot for coffee and tea in the kitchen. The cookie is large, I've saved it up for now, but that will get eaten! My candles are waiting a slightly cooler night, probably when I'm in a book writing mood! The book is Twelve Years a Slave, something that is popular right now I'm told, and it is a hard back. (Awww, that was kind!) 

One of the two chocolate's is already eaten! The Moleskin books are really nifty. I'm pondering what I am going to write or drawn inside of them! The Kindle Card - you know that is going to get used too! And you see that box that  says "Italia" - it is shaped like a book but is a storage box. I have it on my book shelves right now. I haven't used the ear buds... but I will! 

This is the inside of my super neat little box. The moleskin books will fit in it, but they aren't  just what I want in there. I'm thinking over that too. Something super cool needs to be in this box. 

So there you have it! This Reader's Retreat in a Box gave me all kinds of gift ideas, thoughts, inspiration, and just flat out fun! I hope you enjoy seeing it, and knowing about Story Cartel. I think you'll find it is going be important soon! 

Carol :) 

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