Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Martyr's Fire by Sigmund Brower (Merlin's Immortals Series Book Three)

This is the third book in this very good series! :)
The first is The Orphan King, and the second is The Fortress Of  Mist.

We are back with Thomas's world, a place that is never dull. Right off the bat we are reading about possible blood, from Thomas in the Bible. Yes, the one that is often preached about for "doubting." Thomas is now king, and that isn't nearly as easy as he would like it to be! His allies aren't happy, and his faith is stressed, and that is the start of things.

The Priest of The Holy Grail, are using chemistry and other means to pull off their "stunts". Next thing he knows, he is in exile! Figuring out who to trust now is not a small task, with people who would rather see him dead! Thomas doesn't want his people deceived, but he is fighting so hard for control, and the harder he works for control of his life, the farther it is out of his reach. That is pretty exasperating, so Thomas finally takes his friend's advice and starts to sort some peace out of the mess his life has been being. Then things really pick up because a king shouldn't stay in exile, now should he?

I'm really loving this read, as I always do with Sigmund Brouwer's books!
Carol :)

About This Book

Will this dangerous quest lead the outcast Orphan King toward an ancient secret—or to certain destruction?
Posing as a beggar, Thomas escapes Magnus after fifteen men, who are calling themselves the Priests of the Holy Grail, arrive and take control of the castle through wondrous acts and apparent miracles. With the help of his longtime friend Gervaise, Thomas sets out on a journey that leads him to the ancient Holy Land. Unaware that Katherine and Hawkwood are watching over him, Thomas is tested in his beliefs and comes face to face with the ancient power that the Merlins and Druids have long been searching for.

Enter the world of Merlin’s Immortals, where ancient secrets and evil conspiracies take you on a breathless adventure of discovery, intrigue, and hidden knowledge. 

   About the Author

With more than three million books in print, SIGMUND BROUWER is the best-selling author of dozens of popular books for children and adults. Over the last two decades, his Rock and Roll Literacy presentation has inspired students and teachers at schools all across North America. Sigmund is married to songwriter and recording artist Cindy Morgan. The couple and their two daughters divide their time between Red Deer, Alberta, and Nashville, Tennessee.
In conjunction with the CSFF Blog Tour, I received a free copy of this book from the publisher. 

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