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Falls Like Lighting by Shawn Grady

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Finally my copy is here! I am VERY disappointed in this book. 123 pages in, I was STILL trying to get into it. I don't know what happened, but this book is nothing like Tomorrow We Die. It doesn't flow, and it doesn't make much sense. I am extremely frustrated. If I had read this book first instead of the other one, I wouldn't have read another one of Shawn Grady's books. Gone is the easy flow of the last book, and missing is the easy professional feel when we were reading about ER type experiences in the book prior.

All I can tell you about this book is that there are some guys jumping down into flames. Some people die, in some gun fights, there is some gold, we aren't sure where exactly, and there is an ex-girlfriend with a daughter with seizures. Oh yeah, and people eat/spit out and kiss pine needles when falling out of trees they get stuck in. I am over 300 pages through this book, and I am still struggling with it. I hope it at least has a happy ending - I haven't made it quite there yet.

I don't want to sound mean, I know how it is to pour your "blood" into writing, but I can't recommend Falls Like Lighting. I do like the title though.


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Falls Like Lightning
Bethany House (July 1, 2011)
Shawn Grady

Shawn Grady signed with Bethany House Publishers in 2008. He was named “Most Promising New Writer” at the 39th Annual Mount Hermon Writers Conference. He is the author of the novels Through the Fire, Tomorrow We Die &; Falls Like Lightning.

Shawn has served for over a decade as a firefighter and paramedic in northern Nevada. From fire engines and ambulances to tillered ladder trucks and helicopters, Shawn’s work environment has always been dynamic. The line of duty has carried him to a variety of locale, from high-rise fires in the city to the burning heavy timber of the eastern Sierras.

After graduating from James Logan High School in Union City, California, Shawn attended Point Loma Nazarene University in San Diego as a Theology undergrad. There he found clarity of direction and proceeded on to acquire an Associate of Science degree in Fire Science Technology as well as Paramedic licensure through Truckee Meadows Community College in Reno, Nevada.

Shawn currently lives in Reno, just outside of Lake Tahoe. He enjoys spending time in the outdoors with his wife, three children and yellow Labrador.

When hotshot smoke jumper Silas Kent gets his own fire crew, he thinks he's achieved what he's always wanted. But a lightning-sparked fire in the Desolation Wilderness of the Sierra Nevadas has his team in a plane before they can even train together.

Pilot Elle Westmore has been called up to drop the crew into the heart of the forest infernos. A single mother of a mysteriously ill six-year-old, she can't imagine her life getting any more complicated.

It doesn't take long for things to go very wrong, very quickly. A suspicious engine explosion forces Elle to make an emergency landing. Silas is able to parachute to safety but soon discovers his crew can't be trusted. They're hiding something, and now Silas is on a race to save himself and Elle from the flames--and from a more dangerous threat: his own team.

If you would like to read the first chapter of Falls Like Lightning, go HERE

The book link is: 0764205978 

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