Sunday, February 2, 2014

With Autumn's Return by Amanda Cabot

This is the third book in the Westward Wind's trilogy.

Elizabeth Harding has finally made it to her own office, her own practice. One glitch. She is not a he. This is a male dominated time frame, where a woman doctor isn't easily accepted, or quite frankly, is rejected. What is worse is this area she moved too is suppose to be "open minded" to a female doctor.
Elizabeth's office neighbor is a male, and a handsome single lawyer. A lawyer who doesn't want a female doctor for starters. Thus this is the start of her new life, carrier and job. Between people falling in love, a murder, and a whole lot more this book has a good pace and is a good close to most of the things in the series.

Carol :)

She's planning on instant success. She didn't plan on love.

When Elizabeth Harding arrives in Cheyenne to open her medical practice, she is confident that the future is as bright as the warm Wyoming sun. Certain she'll have a line of patients eager for her services, she soon discovers the town may not welcome a new physician--especially a lady doctor. Even Jason Nordling, the handsome young attorney next door, seems to disapprove of her chosen profession.

When a web of deceit among Cheyenne's wealthiest residents threatens to catch Elizabeth and Jason in its snare, they must risk working together to save one of Elizabeth's patients--even if it means falling in love.

Amanda Cabot is the bestselling author of the Texas Dreams series, as well as Christmas RosesSummer of Promise, andWaiting for Spring. Her books have been finalists for the ACFW Carol Awards and the Booksellers Best. She lives in Wyoming. Find out more at


With both parents avid readers, it's no surprise that Amanda Cabot learned to read at an early age. From there it was only a small step to deciding to become a writer. Of course, deciding and becoming are two different things, as she soon discovered. Fortunately for the world, her first attempts at fiction, which included a play for her fifth grade class entitled "All About Thermometers," were not published, but she did meet her goal of selling a novel by her thirtieth birthday. Since then she's sold more than twenty five novels under a variety of pseudonyms. When she's not writing, Amanda enjoys sewing, cooking and - of course - reading.

This book is available from Revell publishing. 


Amanda Cabot said...

Carol -- Thanks so much for taking the time to read and review my book. Needless to say, I'm delighted that you enjoyed With Autumn's Return.

Carol E. Keen said...

Dear Ms. Cabot,
You are so welcome! I have really enjoyed this series you wrote. Thank you for sharing your work with us.
Carol :)