Sunday, February 23, 2014

Hidden Falls by by Olivia Newport

Hidden Falls is an e-book series. I haven't done that many e-books series, so I was interested in how this would work. Downloading was not a problem. The story started out a bit slow, but picked up some. This is about a group of people living in a place called Hidden Falls. Quinn was a teacher there for many years. He is retiring, and they are having a big party for his retirement where all his past students are coming. Some he sent letters to and asked them to come, others changed their mind and decided to come just because it is Quinn.

I was a bit frustrated with the way that Quinn was so detached. When Quinn started to come out of his shell some, it got more interesting. I was rather sad with the ending, because it was abrupt and the price of the next installments is an issue for me. Over all, I did enjoy it being a good start to make me curious, but unless I am able to review them, I will probably not be reading the rest of this series because of this.

Carol :)

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The Book

 Thirty years of small-town secrets--now the key to the mystery is gone. The small town of Hidden Falls is abuzz. Former students, friends, and loved ones are prepping for tonight's big event to honor Ted Quinn's many years of compassionate service. Quinn is reluctant about a night in the spotlight--but is tenderly prodded by Sylvia, mayor of Hidden Falls and Quinn's dearest friend and confidante. Ethan and Nicole won't let the shadows of their pasts stop them from returning to Hidden Falls--but only for Quinn--no matter how much it hurts. Liam, a former student, and Jack, a town newcomer, are both hoping the night works toward their own gain--or, if they'll admit it, their chance for redemption. Like Quinn, Dani and Lauren are mainstays in Hidden Falls. They keep close to home--and have secrets to keep close, too. Now it's time. The guests are seated, introductions are made, the spotlight shines on center stage...and the unthinkable leaves the entire town scrambling for the truth. 

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