Monday, April 22, 2013

The Gate by Dann A. Stouten

I have very mixed feelings about this book. In some ways I like it. I can take the "stretch" of a few things, and in other ways that same "stretch" brothers me. :/

First of all, this book is about a man who spends a week in Heaven. He went up to the family property, a bit confused about an add on the net by Paradise Reality, and Micheal DeAngelo. (Yes, Micheal the angel from the Bible.) There he can go spend time from "Angel's Gate - The back door to God's country." Sky just didn't know that he was going to spend a week in Heaven. With Ahbee (God), Josh aka Jesus, and Rea. In this case Rae is the FEMALE version of the Holy Spirit. (HUH!?!?!) O.k... artistic licencing I see. However, I am not sure that I am ok with this. Is Rea female - yes. Is that a Biblical term? I am told yes. Does the Bible also say the Holy Spirit is a him? Why yes.. it does! However, spirits aren't exactly male or female.

Back to Sky, he spends a week in Heaven. He rides around in cars. He goes fishing at Promise Point. Sky wrestles with his past, present and future. Sky enjoys Abhee cooking food, Josh working with lumber, mansions being build, the New Jerusalem that isn't on Earth yet. Most of all Sky gets little tiny sayings or sermon points, or platitudes of a sort emphasized  They are so emphasized that they are put up in special chunks on many pages of the book. Sky figures out what he has to deal with, and things are better.

What I got from this book is that I liked the part about saving people. I do work to do that daily, as is our goal in this life. People are who go with us to Heaven. I also can tell that this Pastor has a creative mind, and he tried really hard for his first novel. The food was nice, the scenery was ok. The constant flash backs into the past and un-dealt with problems got really taxing for me, and I did get a bit weary of the cars. That is just me! ;)

Carol :)

About the book:

When a planned getaway with his wife turns into a shopping trip for the girls, Schuyler Hunt finds himself looking for something else to do. An ad for a vacation cottage catches his eye, and he sets off in search of a much-needed break. When he arrives, he finds something far different from the typical summer home experience. In fact, he may have found a little slice of heaven.

The proprietor—along with a number of unexpected and yet familiar guests—welcomes him with food, rest, and conversation, until what started out as an escape from everyday life turns into something much, much more…
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About the Author:
This is his first book! Visit his web site for more information!

Available April 2013 at your favorite bookseller from Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group.

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