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Serendipity by Cathy Marie Hake

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I really wasn't sure what I thought of this book in the first few opening pages. I didn't mind the well written accents of the opening characters at all though. Maggie (Magpie) Rose is from Arkansas in 1893. Maggie lives with her Uncle Bo and takes care of a passel of chores, a heap of men in her family. She barters and trades and is rather happy and settled in her life. However, her Uncle Bo is praying about when she meets and marries the right man, and Maggie doesn't want to hear of it! Her Uncle is forever praying for God to send a man to her to marry her and give her a wonderful life for his much loved niece. Maggie just wishes he would get over it and let her be. 

One of Maggie's gifts is that she is is virtually a doctor. She is very gifted with getting people well, not just making soap and using wonderful recipes that were handed down to her, or bartering for all sorts of things. So when Todd and his sick Mother find come to her for help, Uncle Bo sees the man he prayed in come to wed his darling niece and Maggie just isn't so sure.

Todd wasn't one whit happy that the Doctor was a woman, but as he watches Maggie take care of his mother, he sees another plan. Pretty soon Maggie and Todd have a pretty good mutual attraction happening. After all, it ain't just every day that the Good Lord drops a spouse off at your door...'specially if you ask Maggie's Uncle Bo! Todd quickly snatches Maggie up into an agreement so his Mother will have a full time nurse and a fast wedding follows and Maggie, her new husband Todd, and her Mother-In-Law head off to Gooding, Texas. 

Thus starts a major clash. Two more opposite people have not often gotten married! Todd's Mother, Mrs. Crewel, a very apt name I have to add,  are soon all wondering what have we done.  Mrs. Crewel is mean, in fact, she is cruel! To top that off, the three of them are living in a one room house. (Not as uncommon then, but not easy no matter when or where!)  Todd realizes that he has to do some major work to save his new marriage if he wants it and that he has to do something to keep his Mother from being mean to his wife, and they have to have a meeting of the minds on some common goals and dream for their relationship to move forward. 

I am NOT telling you the end of the story... that wouldn't be fair. I can say that this was my first book by Cathy Marie Hake and I enjoyed it.  I tend to like it when the author works so hard on the accents of the characters, as well as the humor that was included! I liked the ending well enough. 

So check out Serendipity! 

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Known for surfing across the kitchen on a dropped dill pickle slice, waterskiing on sea anemone spit, and using Right Guard® as hair spray; she considers herself living proof that God does, indeed, possess a healthy sense of humor.

Cathy loves classical music, romantic getaways with her husband, and Diet Pepsi Free®. "I need chocolate to survive, love my friends, and enjoy a deep personal relationship with the Lord. Although an extrovert, I'm very conservative on a personal level."

In her writing, Cathy attempts to capture a unique glimpse of life and how a man and woman can overcome obstacles when motivated by love. In her inspirational pieces she enjoys the freedom of showing how Christ can enrich a loving couple's relationship.

Cathy Marie Hake is a registered nurse who worked for many years in an oncology unit before shifting her focus to perinatal care. The author of over twenty novels, she lives with her husband and two children in Anaheim, California.

Todd Valmer should have known better. A farmer who's been through several disasters, he travels to Virginia to fetch his widowed mother to cook and help him around his Texas farm...or that was the plan until she keels over on the train and they get kicked off.

Maggie Rose barters for a living and also makes soaps, lotions, and perfumes with a special rose recipe passed down from mother to daughter for generations. She hasn't wanted to marry...until that handsome Texan shows up.

Her heart skips a beat, and when he proposes, a hasty marriage follows. What ensues, however, is a clash of culture and a battle of wills--and it's clear they both mistook instant attraction and infatuation for love. As their marriage loses its sparkle and fills with disillusionment, Todd and Maggie must determine what is worth fighting for. He dreams of a farm. Maggie wants to fulfill the family tradition with her rose perfumes.

Todd's mother, however, has entirely different plans for her son that do not include Maggie. In light of their hasty marriage and mistaken dreams, is there any hope of recapturing their love and building a future together?

If you would like to read the first chapter of Serendipity, go HERE.

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