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Highlands by Chautona Havig (Journey of Dreams: Book Two)

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About the Book

Title: Highlands
Author: Chautona Havig
Genre: Contemporary Fantasy
Release Date: October, 2015
highlandsIntrospection–this place invites it. I’ve never allowed myself the time to pause and get to know myself. My father taught me it was weak. Focus on the prize–eyes off yourself. The goal matters. You are just the instrument to get you there.
Here… Is this what that goal was and I never knew it? The peaks above, the trees that stand tall beside me as if my own personal bodyguards.
I am alive–maybe for the first time in my life–and I think it’s because I’m dead. 
A Journey of Dreams
Welcome to a new world: the world of Highlands.
When Tony Frazier arrives in Highlands, he must come to grips with a world that embraces birth defects as beautiful and to be celebrated–even those easily corrected. Balancing the beauty of utter acceptance and the wisdom of when to alter the “workmanship of God” creates tension between Tony and the Highlanders.
The Journey of Dreams series explores themes in the Christian life from a different perspective–from a world that can’t exist anywhere but in the dreams of the people who live there.
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My Review:

I somehow missed book one in this series. This book is about Tony, a guy headed for the Olympics when it all comes apart. Or did it come apart? Tony has wakened in The Highlands, and it can feel rather crazy. Bryn, she's his friend in this strange place that looks like it came from the past. Tony has a challenge, can he move past the programming he's dealing with and become more, or is he not the person he thought he once was? 
Disabilities, pain, acceptance, forgiveness, and growth are themes in this book. I liked it well enough, but sometimes it frustrated me. I struggled to like Tony for a while, possibly because I haven't always related well to jocks. I was glad when he started having growth and development. 

4 stars 

About the Author

ChautonaThe author of dozens of books in a variety of genres, Chautona Havig lives and writes in California’s Mojave Desert where she uses story to nudge her readers to the feet of the Master Storyteller.

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Chautona said...

Thanks for reading. I struggled with liking Tony at first, but he finally sat me down and said, "You know, for someone with a really critical father, I'm not as much of a jerk as I might be, so hey. Cut me some slack and let me grow."

So I did. And it kind of reminded me that we all have flaws--some are physical. Most are not. And yeah, I kind of threw that one after him. He still speaks to me. Most of the time.


Nancy Griggs said...

Wow,a book I'd like to read.

Kara Marks said...

This book sounds really good--cool giveaway!