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Will Not See by Chautona Havig

Will Not See(2)
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About the Book

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Book title: Will Not See
Author: Chautona Havig
Release date: July 18, 2017
Genre: Christian Fiction / contemporary / suspense (light)
When Vikki Jeffries wakes up in a Rockland hotel with no idea of who she is and why she can’t remember… well, anything, the Rockland medical community begins to take a closer look at what may have happened to cause a second case of inexplicable amnesia.
But for Vikki, this is more than a medical anomaly–it’s her life. What is she doing in Rockland, thousands of miles away from her home in Apache Junction, Arizona? Who is she? Why is no one looking for her? Or are they?
Will Not See: Not everything is as it seems.
My Review:
This second book in the series. I was really looking forward to Vikki's story and getting some answers about what happened to Ella aka Daniella Weeks. I didn't mind getting to know Vikki, and Brandon, and finding out how Ella was doing at this point. I really wanted to know more about the why, how, who and what happened to both Ella and Vikki. 

I had some struggles with this book that I didn't have with the first book. I wound up with confusing chunks of the dialog that didn't flow, and were defying my comprehension. That's so unusual for me that I finally read them out loud to someone else in hopes of gaining added clarity. When that wasn't successful I settled into reading through those parts and not worrying about them not making sense. With that out of the way the rest was more interesting. I don't like the doctor in this book at all, and I still haven't a clue how the hierarchy of some of the villains really worked.  

I did learn two new words. Cray-Cray, which makes me want to go eat crawfish every time I read it, and foo. Past a band name, that one was very odd so I looked it up as well. Turns out that one has several definitions that could fit, the top one being a Scottish variation of the word how. 

I did feel for Vikki when she found out what she had endured as a child, although exactly what happened to her was muddled. I remain uncertain of the depth of what she went through, but she doesn't remember what happened the way any of the rest of us would. It was one of the few times I connected with her during this story. The ending isn't at all what I expected, nor how I wanted things to resolve. Now I have more questions than answers and await the third book in this series expecting it to contain complete answers to the mysteries and hopefully several HEA's. 

About the Author 
media-headshotAuthor of the Amazon bestselling Aggie and Past Forward Series, Chautona Havig lives and writes in California’s Mojave Desert. With dozens of books to her name, Chautona spends most of her time writing, but when she takes the rare break, she can be found reading, sewing, paper crafting, or sleeping and dreaming of finishing the dozens of books swirling in her overly-active imagination at any given moment

Guest Post from Chautona Havig

The circle of death swirls on the screen and it shifts. The bank balance appears, and with it, my heart sinks. It’s been a tough few months, financially. The bottom line proves it.
My reaction? Inhale. Exhale. “Okay, now we know the worst. We can do something about it.”
My husband, on the other hand, suffers a definite blow. Kevin might not sleep that night. Instead, he’ll mull over what we could have done differently, how we can make changes, if he’s a failure at this thing called life. He’ll pray—for hours.
They say ignorance is bliss. And sometimes, that’s true. It’s also a personality thing, I think. I tend to be a “let me have your worst” kind of gal. But when the negative arrives, I also tend to want to shield Kevin from it all. I don’t know how he can worry so much. He can’t fathom how I can turn it off.
But sometimes those personality things go deeper—into what can be serious faults. It has been said,
“There are none so blind as those who will not see. The most deluded people are those who choose to ignore what they already know.” 
Or, in the words of Jeremiah,
“Now hear this, O foolish and senseless people, who have eyes but do not see, who have ears but do not hear.”


As I work on the Sight Unseen series, one recurring theme happens, of course. Memory loss—the removal of all insight into one’s past. You can hear who you were, be informed of what you did and why others think you did it, but you can’t know your own self the way you once did. It’s a fresh slate, and it can be a good thing in some respects.
Those around you can now see the difference between habits and personality traits—true dislikes and those conditioned by life. What might have been a fear once could be gone if the cause of that fear is blotted out.
But even for these fictional characters, truth doesn’t change. In None So Blind, Ella takes her memory loss and uses it as an opportunity to reinvent herself, if you will. And you know what? If you asked her family about it, they’d tell you that it fits her personality. That take-charge, gotta get ’er done attitude Dani may have used in different ways, but both “manifestations” of the woman had those qualities. Sure, Ella’s was tempered by recent experience, but not much.


The past is in the past. It scares her. Is it because she doesn’t know it? Because she’s frightened by the unknown? We don’t know. But what we do know is anything associated with that past, even the few very personal items she finds, she rejects. It’s as if ignorance of them will protect her from them. Where Ella runs to face her problems, Vikki runs from them.
But despite those differences, I find it interesting that both women did the same thing, basically—just at different times. 
Before her “episode,” Ella chose to blind herself to her faults. She knew them. Lived with them daily, but couldn’t face or address them. So, she “refused to see.”
Vikki—we don’t know. But I think the story shows that she couldn’t blind herself to truth before her episode. As much as she might have ached to, she just couldn’t. Now that the opportunity is here, however, she grasps it and if she insists on squeezing her eyes shut indefinitely, it may cost her everything—her life. Her soul.


They say ignorance is bliss. Well, “they” also say, “Truth hurts.” And sometimes it does. But so do the consequences of that ignorance. I guess the next time the bank balance dips low, I won’t be handling the fallout alone. Then again, one can always pray that it doesn’t dip low! I think we’ll start there.

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Chautona said...

Thank you for your review. I'm sorry you found it confusing. Hopefully, book three will clear everything up for you. It was so hard not to give away stuff that needs to be revealed in that one. I kept pulling stuff out going, "Nope. Not yet!"

Esther Filbrun said...

Reading your review makes me really curious to read the far, I don't recall ever being confused by something Chautona has written, but I'll be interested to see if this book does that to me. Thanks for the review!

Carol E. Keen said...

Hi Ms. Havig,

That would be a hard thing to do indeed. I am looking forward to the "rest of the story".

Blessings, Carol

Carol E. Keen said...

Hi Esther,

I'd love to read your review once you read it!

Blessings, Carol :)