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Dark Bride by Jonathan Ryan - (3 Gates of The Dead: Book 2)

This is my first book by this Author, and I am THRILLED to have found him! This was a you-don't-want-to-put-it-down read. Jonathan Ryan "gets it" and he put that into this book. 

Father John Neil is an Anglican Priest. He is much more than he seems to be at first. Father Neal, Reg McClelland, Darrin Francis and Adian Schaeffer are a group of ministers who are on the cutting edge of real life spiritual warfare. Their group, run by someone we don't see much in this book, helps the police when things that can't be easily deal with by regular (non-spiritual) means occurs. Jen is on the police force, and she happens to be Adian's girlfriend. Adian is an assistant pastor of a Presbyterian church. From the start this author didn't hesitate to mix denominations. I really like that! 

From the opening lines I was interested. This was about to get good, or go very badly. I have to share a quote. "The Bible is full of course language, crude bodily illustrations, and blunt language. God doesn't share our scruples about language when he is trying to our attention." As their discussion continued here is another quote. "Father Neal contained. "The church today could use a good dose of that sort of language. We have been whoring after our own gods way too long." 

This is just the tip of the story, but a refreshingly honest look at the majority of "Christians".
This amazing group of people, along with some fallen Christians are about to be in a spiritual war they never wanted to acknowledge they were involved in. Actions have consequences, and they can be life or death ones. The Grinning Man has resurfaced, and he is working to have his very own Dark Bride. The lives of a child, several women, and many others are at risk if true faith isn't met with actions. 

For many this is a Christian horror story. For me it is a beautiful and blunt look into the actions that cross over from the spirit realm into most people's every day world that they never even think to perceive. The Five Sorrows were new to me, but worked well for this book. I loved the honest, heart felt prayers that were used in this book. I did not read the first book yet, but I am saving up for it now. This book stood alone for me quite well. 

Few are the books that I read more than once. This could well be one of them! 

Johnathan Ryan, you have made it into my favorite authors list, and that is not an easy task. Thank you for writing this amazing book that isn't afraid to tackle issues while interest, shunning evil, and falseness, retaining interested and creating empathy and attachment to the characters you have created. I need way more than 5 stars for this book. 

My copy came from NetGalley in exchange for my honest review and nothing more. 

Carol :) 


When Father Neal deciphers a voodoo message with a dire warning, he reveals he is part of the Order of the Five Sorrows—a group dedicated to fighting evil with the use of holy objects present at Christ’s crucifixion—and Aidan is destined to become a member

The supernatural unleashed . . .
Still reeling from Father Neal’s revelation, Aidan assists his friend Brian by investigating a series of unexplained events at his farm, including eerie lights in the fields at night and his daughter’s fixation with an invisible friend. After women with mysterious powers, who are hunting down a witch from the 1600s, appear, the group embarks on a perilous journey to destroy the Dark Bride before the Grinning Man’s true purpose can come to pass . . . but they will be drawn into a horrific battle that some will not survive.

About the Author

Jonathan Ryan is an author, screenwriter, columnist, blogger, and member of the Horror Writers Association. His debut horror mystery novel, 3 Gates of the Dead (Open Road Media), earned rave reviews from the New York Journal of Books, the Midwest Book Review, and Library Journal. The second book in his 3 Gates of the Dead series, Dark Bride, is set for release in 2015. A practiced public speaker, Ryan incorporates topics of writing and religion into his lectures. He has contributed to the Huffington Post, Christianity Today, the High Calling, TAPS ParaMagazine, Intrepid Magazine, the popular horror site, and, where he has a regular blog called the Rogue. Ryan took his vows to become a Benedictine oblate novice with St. Meinrad Archabbey. He lives in South Bend, Indiana.

His web site is here: 

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