Friday, January 9, 2015

Doctor Who: Silhouette by Justin Richards

It's time! Time for me to review another Dr. Who book! YEAH! 
It's the 12th Doctor and I'm behind on my 8th Season so I'm still getting to know him. 
I enjoyed him and Clara in this book though! Great humor and epic danger are often at hand, and didn't disappoint in Silhouette. It's a well paced read that you will not want to put down as you go along with the Doctor to find out who, or what is the silhouette. What powers her or it? 

Yeah for fun Dr. Who read! 

About the Book:

"Vastra and Strax and Jenny? Oh no, we don't need to bother them. Trust me."  
Marlowe Hapworth is found dead in his locked study, killed by an unknown assailant. This is a case for the Great Detective, Madame Vastra. 

Rick Bellamy, bare-knuckle boxer, has the life drawn out of him by a figure dressed as an undertaker. This angers Strax the Sontaran. 

The Carnival of Curiosities, a collection of bizarre and fascinating sideshows and performers. This is where Jenny Flint looks for answers.      

How are these things connected? And what does Orestes Milton, rich industrialist, have to do with it all? This is where the Doctor and Clara come in. The Doctor and his friends find themselves thrust into a world where nothing and no one are what they seem. Can they unravel the truth before the most dangerous weapon ever developed is unleashed on London?

   About the Author

JUSTIN RICHARDS has written for stage and screen as well as writing novels and graphic novels. He has also co-written several action thrillers for older children with the acknowledged master of the genre Jack Higgins. Justin acts as Creative Consultant to BBC Books' range of Doctor Who titles, as well as writing quite a few himself. Married with two children (both boys), Justin lives and works in Warwick, within sight of one of Britain's best-preserved castles. 
My copy came from Blogging For Books in exchange for my honest review and nothing more.

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