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The Telling by Mike Duran (Part Three of a Three Part Blogging Event!)

Hi Again,

I am almost sad! This is the third and final post for The Telling on my blog. I have *really* enjoyed this three part review. As I said before, there is just SO MUCH that is covered in this book, or that leads to deeper thinking, or ideas popping up. I am mostly covering main ones, obvious ones in some ways if you have read this wonderful book.

Most of us believe, or even know from first hand experiences, that Angels and Demons are real. Even non-followers of Christ will say they believe in Angels. Biblical background tells us that the evil spirits we call demons are fallen angels. They were cast down from God's presence, from Heaven, when they choose to follow an angel who thought he could be better than God and could take God's place. The Telling has Angels, and it has some major Demons as well.

Many books, good stories, and rather interesting theories spring from one verse in the Bible. Genesis 6:1-8 basically says; "And it came to pass that men were multiplying on the Earth, and bearing daughters. The sons of God saw that they were beautiful, and starting taking them as wives. (One version says sleeping with them.) {God was getting pretty fed up with the way things were at this time and said that is it! Humans are now limited to 120 year life-spans. Prior to this there are records of 400 years or more in a person's life!}

At this time the Nephilim were on Earth, and also after that, and when the sons of God came unto the daughters of men they bore children. The giants were born, as well as the men of old and mighty renown. And at this point things had gotten so bad that God was ready to destroy the entire world!
Another example is in Genesis 19. Here we find Lot, in Sodom. He has two angels show up and he hides them out at his house. The men of the town start flocking to his house. All these men wanted one thing, they wanted to um.....let's say "go all the way"..... with the angels! Lot told them that that was very wicked, wrong, and the answer was no. Lot even offered up his own daughters to pacify them. (Ewww!) The angles wound up blinding the men outside to stay safe and to keep Lot safe.

O.k. Hang in here with me, because I am going somewhere with this! In The Telling we have some really really vicious demons. They are able to take on human form by stealing that human's spirit, the "breath of God" that was breathed into Adam to give the human race life. Way out there? Or not so way out there at one time? I think that it was a bit more common than we care to think about that humans and angels were able to "cross-breed". The results of that was the Giants, we know that for sure. The results of this were also called the Nephilim and what they were exactly is a bit lost to us. However, if you care to stretch your thinking a bit, if this were possible, a "hybrid" of human and angel DNA - what could the results be? One answer to that is the host of fallen beings that are attacking Endurance and the Remnant that is trying to be strong in God and have faith.

Little Weaver, is a very special character in this book. I loved his dialogue, and his part in The Telling.
There is so much more I want to share with you, but I want you to read this book! I will tell you this much more. The ending, was very good. I did have to re-read it twice because the first time I thought I missed something. The second time I got it, and it was superb. You have to think, and dig just a bit to get it, but I have no complaints, only smiles.

I also want to remind people that this type, this book genera is called Speculative Christian Fiction for a reason. There are often things in this genera that make you go, what?, or what if??? This is thought provoking and, I would hope, causes the reader to dig deeper. It should be a catalyst for learning, growth and change.
Mike Duran pulled all that off very very nicely!

I *highly* recommend The Telling.

Carol :)

Mike Duran talking about his own book - The Telling.

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