Saturday, November 26, 2011

Worlds Unseen by Rachel Starr Thomson (Book 1 of The Seventh World Trilogy)

Oh what Fun! 

While I haven't read all of this book yet, I am really enjoying as much as I have read! 
So far I have found this book to be very creative, and moving, and I love hearing about The King. Christ is front and foremost in this book, from the very start. 

Maggie is an orphan, who's adoptive parents have been murdered, only Maggie is not aware of that fact for a while. She is a sort of frail little gal, who's life would seem very insignificant But that is often how God moves. The ones who can see, do see, and hear. The lives of those who are small wind up playing great roles in His plan. They must come together so that the world will be reminded of the only one who created everything, and it is time to show the truth from the lies. 

I am a wee bit frustrated to not have read more before posting this review, but I will be adding more! I have several things to post in the next few days about Worlds Unseen, so do stick with me as I am able to bring you all sorts of fun things about this series. 

At this time I must say that I am very pleased with this book, and thrilled that Rachel Starr Thomson is a home school graduate, because I am also. It just makes me even more inspired! The only glitch I have had thus far is my copy of this book would NOT load into Kindle on my phone, so while I was to and fro for Thanksgiving I wasn't able to read it like I wanted to. This is a good reason for buying your own copy, because then you will not have that problem. 


Here is the book cover:

About the Author:

Rachel Starr Thomson is a freelance writer and editor, a poet/narrator for a traveling arts company, and a homeschool graduate. She's passionately creative, and her Seventh World Trilogy--a classic fantasy in the tradition of George MacDonald and C.S. Lewis--is making waves with readers and reviewers alike.

Rachel's web pages are here:
The Seventh World Trilogy page:

What others are saying about Worlds Unseen
Worlds Unseen is an excellent read, solidly recommended for fantasy readers.” – Midwest Book Review

Epic, beautiful, well-written fantasy that sings of Christian truth.” – Rael, reader

Checking out her article "Christian Fantasy: An Apologetic" comes recommended at

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Unknown said...

I am always on the look out for interesting Christian fantasy (without magical elements unless its to speak of it in the negative sense in the story)with a little romance. Not sure if this book is that, but Nicolas' wild character intrigues me.