Monday, December 13, 2010

Brilliant Disguises by William Thornton

Alerting my Readers,

I have had the privilege of reviewing this book, and I have to find Mr. Thornton's e-mail address.
I greatly appreciate his allowing me to review his work! This is one INCREDIBLE self-published book, and worth the time you need to take to read it.

Brilliant Disguises follows a large time frame in the life of Leon Cameron. Leon takes a job that requires him to be a Christian, so instead of having a one-on-one relationship with Christ, Cameron gets involved in a church and learns to play the Christian game.

(I can't tell you how many people over the years I have felt  have been doing this! My own Grandfather was a Pastor. He said his ministry was to the lost, but that his mission every Sunday was to reach the lost church members!)

Cameron finds out what church his boss goes to, and he joins. He excels in wearing the mask, playing the Christian game, and is good at his job that he has secured by doing so. The head of the company and ministry, Dr. Foster, has his directives sent down, but few people ever meet him. Sometimes it seems he isn't even real!

Cameron marries a good Christian wife. He helps council those in need as he sees their issues, and figures if nothing else that knowledge gives him power. He wrestles with his Sister In Law begging for him to speak to her in Peter's voice. You see Cameron is a good imitator. He can imitate his deceased brother Peter.
He can imitate being a good husband, and he can imitate being a Christian. As the years of his life go by in this book, things just get in deeper and deeper.

In the course of the book Cameron comes to realize that almost everyone he knows is wearing a mask. He gets quite good at figuring out what their mask is, and why they wear it. But Cameron can't figure out one of the most important things... himself. Cameron lives among Christians, but he is not going to loose control and let God have him, and so he has a very odd "relationship" with God, and all those around him. He can quote the Bible quite well, and tends to understand the meanings that he should, but it is all head knowledge, and not from the heart.

And through it all, God himself never stops reaching out to Cameron, waiting, being who He is, our ever loving Father, waiting. The end of the book was good, but shocking.

This is the kind of book that "sleeping" Christians need to read! This is the kind of book that will provoke you to think, and think you should! I can see how it might really offend some people, how some people will be aghast, and then I can see how this book has the potential to help many. I am very glad I got to read it.

In the grouping of books that make you think, Brilliant Disguises and Imaginary Jesus are on the top of my list for this year. If you are able to et a copy, grab one quickly!


  Product Description

"Cameron Leon is the best man in his church,
but he doesn’t believe a thing.
He assumes many guises but runs the risk of losing everything.
Except himself. He lost that a long time ago.
Only One can give it back to him.
And Cameron has been imitating Him all along..."

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