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The Secret of The Shroud by Pamela Ewen

Hello Dear Readers,

A few of you know this book wasn't shipped when we had hoped, so I haven't read it yet! :(
I have, however, always been fascinated by The Shroud of Turin. It just makes you think.
I don't know if it was the actual shroud that Jesus was wrapped up in, but either way it makes
people think of Jesus. That works for me! Even if it isn't "real" it never ceases to cause people to
talk about Him rising from the dead. So I like it either way! I have heard that DNA on it didn't work, or
wasn't found, or something else. It has been a while since I studied it, so I will have to dig about
on the net and see if anything new has been released.

I will try to update this after I read the book. I really do hate that it didn't come in time.
Check out the information below!
Carol :)

Very well written and I do appreciate the work that Pamela Ewen put in to the research of the Shroud of Turin for this book. The story line was good as well. I really enjoyed the second story line, the one that pulled back to Yeshua over and over. I was a bit grieved at there not being a more definite answer of what happened to the Archbishop, but then again, maybe it is there I and didn't catch it like I should. The lives of all the characters were vivid, and moving.

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The Secret of The Shroud
B&H Books (September 1, 2010)

Pamela Ewen

Pamela’s first novel, Walk Back The Cat (Broadman & Holman. May, 2006) is the story of an embittered and powerful clergyman who learns an ancient secret, confronting him with truth and a choice that may destroy him.

She is also the best-selling author of the acclaimed non-fiction book Faith On Trial, published by Broadman & Holman in 1999, currently in its third printing.

Although it was written for non-lawyers, Faith On Trial was also chosen as a text for a course on law and religion at Yale Law School in the Spring of 2000, along with The Case For Christ by Lee Stroble. Continuing the apologetics begun in Faith On Trial, Pamela also appears with Gary Habermas, Josh McDowell, Darrell Bock, Lee Stroble, and others in the film Jesus: Fact or Fiction, a Campus Crusade for Christ production.

Her most recent novel, The Moon in the Mango Tree (B&H Publishing Group, May 2008) is currently available online and in bookstores everywhere. Set in the 1920’s and based on a true story, it is about a woman faced with making a choice between career and love, and her search for faith over the glittering decade. Pamela’s upcoming book, Dancing On Glass, which was recently short-listed as a finalist for the Faulkner/Wisdom creative writing novel award, will be released in the spring of 2011, and she is currently working on a sequel.

A frightened apostle in AD 33, a tragic child in the 1950s, and a slick, twenty-first century church leader are all linked by the secret of the Shroud of Turin, the purported burial cloth of Jesus-and by something more.

Wesley Bright, a corrupt, media-savvy clergyman, is out to destroy the Christian church of the God who abandoned him in his boyhood. Likable and entertaining, Bright keeps his motives well hidden. But as he seeks revenge, leading the church toward unknowing destruction, the mysterious Shroud of Turin stands in his way.

Strange characters and clues emerge like shadows limned in mist as the most recent discoveries on the Shroud connect the pieces of a fascinating puzzle. When Wesley learns the ancient secret, he’s forced to confront a terrible choice: keep the secret—and the power, wealth, and fame he’s won over the years—or expose it...and lose everything.   At stake is one thing: absolute truth.

If you would like to read the first chapter of The Secret of The Shroud, go HERE.

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Pamela Ewen said...

Hi Carol - I hope the book arrives soon. All the latest research is in the story and I think you'll be really surprised at some of it! Pamela