Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Lost Genre Guild - Website

Lost Genre Guild – http://www.lostgenreguild.com/ 

Here Dear Readers is a huge amount of thinks to look up! 
Lots and lots of book reviews, books you can order, books you can read some of. PDF's and frankly there was so much I got lost a few times! LOL! 

"Lost Genre Guild" focus on books that have "Biblical Speculative Fiction". That means things that are what if you open your mind far enough to think about a book about another Planet? Time Travel? A Planet that hasn't been discovered yet? In my way of thinking, these books will have the what if these other planets know God? What would they know or not know? This little description is just a tiny part of  what "Lost Genre Guild" strives to bring their readers. 
The works they feature have entertainment with a Scriptural framework. In short, right up my "alley"! I love Sci-Fi, and always will! Somethings that are called "horror" to me are just people who are seeing in the Spirit realm more than others. But in my life, God is there in all of it. 

I would love to read some of the books listed on this site one day! 
Go check it out and see if you find a gem you were looking for that was "lost" before! 
Carol :) 

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Rebecca LuElla Miller said...

Very nice post, Carol. Thanks for your participation in the tour, especially during this busy month.