Monday, November 17, 2008

Shade By John B. Olsen

Hi Everyone! 

This was one of the neatest reads! I found it fascinating, and I didn't want to put it down. I did have to though, but the neatest thing happened to me. I think Mr. Olsen prayed over this book very heavily when writing it. Why you ask? Because every single night that I was reading this book I had the neatest, most creative dreams! I could be wired differently from everyone else, but for me this was just such a neat experience. Hailey and Melchi are wonderful characters, as well as Athena and of course, Sabazios. 

I found this book to be gripping and creative, and God was not the least bit left out. I felt that this book was quite real, and not that far removed from today's world either. How often we must walk to faith and not by sight, and we often don't know it when it is happening. I felt every second of Hailey's having to walk by faith, and I felt every single second Melchi's single minded purpose to serve The Holy One, and not falter. I found myself in position of understanding far too deeply how both these characters felt in so many ways of how things they were thinking related to my life. It isn't just people who think they are Vampires, it is everyday real evil that we fight in many forms. The obvious forms, the tiny forms, the things we almost miss, the things we see plainly. All this a much more was found and deal with in a super pace in this book. I loved the name "The Standing", and it reminded me even more that as a Child of God, how strong am I standing against the darkness?

A very recommended read! 
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