Monday, April 21, 2008

The Begotton by Lisa T. Bergrer :Book 1 of The Gifted Series

Hello Readers!

POWERFUL! That is the first word that I can use to describe this book! Here is a book that is well written, and could compare to The Davinci Code in all the good ways, and none of the ones that upset!!! It also reminded me of the thrill the first Star Wars movie caused, this is definatly an epic!!! I thoroughly enjoyed the way that the characters met and meshed. It was wonderful to read and follow along. I felt like Bormeo, that I had a view of the whole thing from a wonderful perspective as it occurred. I loved the way that Lisa T. Bergren kept this book true to the Bible, but yet as real as anything I have lived in my life. :D So many people have gifts they don't use and talents that they hide away when God meant for us to use them for His kingdom and His glory. The imagery in this book was right on target, and it doesn't hurt that this is the kind of reading that is one of my most favorites! I really do hope to read the next book in this series, this one was just excellent!

Carol :)

Featured book, The Begotten

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