Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Just some thoughts...

Hello Everyone!

Well, I still feel VERY new to Blogging! I just want to be able to do just what I am suppose to do for the book Tours, and do it well. I seem to get a little lost on all the how to-s! But once I get it figured out, I might Blog it so it is easier for someone else. ;)

I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving. My hubby brought home a germ, he was sick. I caught it! LOL! Even so, my case hasn't been as bad as his. Seems that the generic version of "Airborne" works pretty well with my system, that and LOTS of prayer!

I guess this is a good place to say that I want to learn lots about how these book reviews work. I have a sort of "vested" interest in this for many reasons. One is that I have written and been published before. The only book so far though is self published, and about Seahorses.
However, I have been working on a Novel. I hope it gets to see the "light of day" somewhere when I am done. I think it is important! Even so it gives me even GREATER admiration for my favorite Authors, and all those working to be successful writers. That is about all for now!

Be Blessed!
Carol :)

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