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Canceled by John Faubion


About the Book

Book: Canceled

Author: John Faubion

Genre: Christian Thriller

Release date: November 14, 2021

ebook-cover_CanceledJerold Steele has been canceled. His identity is stolen. His job is gone. Even more bizarre, the people around him are dying.

Each one was stalked and killed by a supernatural menace that hides

in darkness, and preys on the mind.

Facing exposure, the killer is eliminating every person that threatens him. In his world, there’s only room for one superman, and that superman is going to be him.

Brenda Neal wants to trust him, but the deaths terrify her. Is it better to hide, or fight with him?

CANCELED is a cutting-edge, page-turning thriller, a story you hope won’t be in tomorrow’s headlines.

Read CANCELED to find out what happens when the only thing that will stop a killer is Power no one never imagined.


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 My Review:

I am thrilled to have read this book and its well done, strong message! This book will offend those who don't want to see how some of the darker spiritual forces creep in and how they can alter the lives of those who aren't aware and fighting it. Jerold was just teaching at a seminary. Like some other lukewarm Christians, he was just going through the motions. Jerold is not particularly processing them at all. When a chain reaction of things starts, he finds himself in a situation similar to the movie The Net, but with all the spiritual aspects included. Jerold has opened spiritual doors and lack of an active relationship with God may not have been his best move. What will he do now? There's murder, and mystery and all kinds of spiritual warfare. Friends and foes, and it's written to make people think. I really like that about this story. Where can doubting God lead? Who do you trust?

I think the a author did a really great job of showing the darker side of things that I've been exposed to some of in the past. Not for the same reasons, but it helped me understand where this story was going. 

I can't give it less than 5 stars and a heads-up for those who haven't seen some of the spiritual struggles that are not so hidden in the dark. 

About the Author

John Faubion was a foreign missionary in Vietnam, Guam and to the Chinese for nearly thirty years. Then a professional software engineer for more than twenty years after that.

He’s the father of five children, and lives in central Indiana with his wife.


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Bea LaRocca said...

Thank you for sharing your review of Canceled, the story-line interests me and I am looking forward to reading this book

Stormy Vixen said...

Canceled sounds like a brilliant read, thanks for sharing it with me! Thanks, Carol, for sharing your review! Have a spectacular weekend!

marisela zuniga said...

this sounds like an interesting book to read

Caryl Kane said...

Carol, Thank you for sharing your excellent review! Canceled sounds like a must read.

Roxanne C. said...

This book sounds like it will definitely open the reader's eyes about spiritual warfare.

Jay said...

Thanks for your gracious review.
Spiritual warfare is the real thing.
Visit my website for a free copy of this book in audio. Seriously, it's free.
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