Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Awaken My Heart By DiAnn Mills

Hello Everyone!

This is a nice read. I loved the horse, but then I am horse crazy and always will be! I could tell how much of herself the author poured into this book, and it made me appreciate it. The "Mexican" village was wonderful, and well written. I didn't find anything in this book that I didn't really like. The daughter showed such great dedication to God, and to her family that it reminded me of so many things in my life. I loved the ending, it was perfect. This is a good book to recommend to a girl friend who needs a good read.

Carol :)

This week, the
Christian Fiction Blog Alliance
is introducing
Awaken My Heart
Avon Inspire (February 5, 2008)
by DiAnn Mills


Award-winning author, DiAnn Mills, launched her career in 1998 with the publication of her first book. She is the author of numerous titles including novels, novellas, and a nonfiction. In addition, she's written several short stories, articles, devotions, and has contributed to several nonfiction compilations.DiAnn believes her readers should "Expect an Adventure." Her desire is to show characters solving real problems of today from a Christian perspective through a compelling story.Several of her anthologies have appeared on the CBA Best Seller List. Three of her books have won the distinction of Best Historical of the Year by Heartsong Presents, and she remains a favorite author by Heartsong Present's readers. Two of her books have won short historical of the year by American Christian Fiction Writers both in 2003 and 2004. She was named Writer of the Year for 2004 at the 35th Annual Mount Hermon Christian Writer's Conference and is the recipient of Inspirational Reader's Choice Awards for 2005 in the long contemporary and novella categories.DiAnn is a founding board member for American Christian Fiction Writers, a member of Inspirational Writers Alive, ChiLibris, Advanced Writers and Speakers Association and a mentor for the Jerry B. Jenkins Christian Writers Guild. She speaks to various groups and teaches writing workshops. DiAnn also belongs to Cy Fair Women's Networking, an exclusive professional women's networking organization.She lives in sunny Houston, Texas, the home of heat, humidity, and Harleys. In fact she'd own one, but her legs are too short. DiAnn and her husband have four adult sons and are active members of Metropolitan Baptist Church.


1803, the colony of TexasAwaken My Heart is set in 19th century Texas and tells the story of 18 year old Marianne Phillips, the daughter of a wealthy rancher, Weston Phillips. Weston is involved in a hostile struggle with Armando Garcia, the infamous rebel leader of the 'mestizos' who claim to own the land that Phillips has settled.Marianne Phillips, the daughter of a wealthy rancher, has never agreed with her father's harsh treatment of the poor mestizos who first inhabited the colony of Texas. When rebels kidnap Marianne, in hopes her father will trade back their land for her freedom, she realizes her loyalty lies with her abductors, not her father, who plans to marry her off to the don of a nearby estate. Armando Garcia is the locals' reluctant leader, but his people revere and depend on him. Knowing that without his leadership they'd be forced from their land, Armando accepts his role, but does not approve of the latest attempt to manipulate their enemy. When he learns that Marianne actually speaks his language, of her loyalty to his people, and of the faith that keeps her strong, Armando is faced with a difficult decision. Will his newfound love keep him from letting her go? Or will he set her free and risk losing their land forever?

The book link is: http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/0061376019

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Fallen by Matthew Raley / Not Recommended Reading!

I got this book to review because I was fascinated that it was written by a Pastor, and that a Pastor had written on this topic. You might need some background about me. My Granddaddy was a Pastor, and my Mother is a minister. My Daddy also does Prison Ministry as well. With my background I thought this would something I should read.

I felt that it started out well. By page 56 I really thought things were really going places! I was not only reading the book, but wondering what the real life writer has already been through in his life and Ministry. Plenty of the real life working politics of running a church were included in the book. That part was probably very nice for people who have no idea of how somethings in churches are done. I was a little concerned about how the women in the book were portrayed, but it wasn't enough to upset me for most of the book.

However, the ending really disappointed me. I was left feeling that it was too open ended. I was saddened at how things ended. It might be more like the real world, but I have seen that scenario play out too many times in real life. I know the outcome, and I know the pain that happens. So I was just really sad about the ending of this book.

Then the weeks were passing while I was waiting to post this review. I got more and more upset over this book when I would think about it. I started to wonder why was this even released as Christian fiction? I wondered why on Earth would a PASTOR write something that could harm and hurt so many people when they read it? Did he forget to think what the horrible open ending would do to people? I considered an e-mail interview, but I just couldn't stomach it right now. I don't wish to hurt a Pastor, or anyone else, but I do wish with all my heart that he would re-write the ending of this book before it hurts many people. Sadly, but oh so truthfully, I could not recommend reading this book, but rather to stay away from it so that you will not wake up at night with it bothering you that it is out there on a shelf.

This week, the
Christian Fiction Blog Alliance
is introducing
(Kregel Publications February 29, 2008)
Matthew Raley

Matthew Raley is senior pastor of the Orland Evangelical Free Church in northern California, where he lives with his wife and two young children. For fun, he enjoys playing chamber music with friends, giving occasional solo recitals, and playing first violin in the North State Symphony. This is his first book.
Jim was at work when his eyes drifted to the coffee shop visible from his office window. An attractive woman driving a Mercedes pulled up to the curb . . . and Jim’s married pastor emerged from the car. When Jim delves deeper into his pastor’s world, will he be able to handle what he discovers? Is he right to suspect that Dave is having an affair? In the behind-the-scenes church battle that ensues, Jim is torn between duty to his church and a desire to show grace. A ripped-from-the-headlines drama of suspense that keeps you engaged to the last page. Fallen is the story about Jim’s relationship with Dave—how Jim tries to do the right thing to keep Dave accountable, but finds the situation getting worse and worse. It’s also about Jim’s other relationships. Just as he discovers hypocrisy in Dave, Jim discovers his own sins against his wife and daughter.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Auralia's Colors By Jeffery Overstreet

Hi Everyone! :D

I was sad that I joined just in time to miss this book, but I did glean some information to share with all of you! This link is the first chaper. That will let you get your pallet ready for more! http://lookingcloser.org/auralia/Auralia_Chapter1.pdf

This book is the first in a trilogy, so this is very likly one you will want to check out! :D
The Book web site: http://www.blogger.com/
Jeffrey Overstreet Author blog, Looking Closer Journal: http://www.blogger.com/

But MOST of all, you can find this book HERE:
Auralia’s Colors: http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/asin/1400072522

About the Book

As a baby, she was found in a footprint.As a girl, she was raised by thieves in a wilderness where savages lurk. As a young woman, she will risk her life to save the world with the only secret she knows.When thieves find an abandoned child lying in a monster’s footprint, they have no idea that their wilderness discovery will change the course of history. Cloaked in mystery, Auralia grows up among criminals outside the walls of House Abascar, where vicious beastmen lurk in shadow. There, she discovers an unsettling–and forbidden–talent for crafting colors that enchant all who behold them, including Abascar’s hard-hearted king, an exiled wizard, and a prince who keeps dangerous secrets. Auralia’s gift opens doors from the palace to the dungeons, setting the stage for violent and miraculous change in the great houses of the Expanse. Auralia’s Colors weaves literary fantasy together with poetic prose, a suspenseful plot, adrenaline-rush action, and unpredictable characters sure to enthrall ambitious imaginations. Visit the Website especially created for the book, Auralia's Colors. On the site, you can read the first chapter and listen to jeffrey's introduction of the book, plus a lot more!

Film critic and author Overstreet (Through a Screen Darkly) offers a powerful myth for his first foray into fiction. Overstreet’s writing is precise and beautiful, and the story is masterfully told. Readers will be hungry for the next installment."--Publishers Weekly“Through word, image, and color Jeffrey Overstreet has crafted a work of art. From first to final page this original fantasy is sure to draw readers in. Auralia's Colors sparkles.”-–Janet Lee Carey, award-winning author of The Beast of Noor and Dragon's Keep“Jeffrey Overstreet’s first fantasy, Auralia’s Colors, and its heroine’s cloak of wonders take their power from a vision of art that is auroral, looking to the return of beauty, and that intends to restore spirit and and mystery to the world. The book achieves its ends by the creation of a rich, complex universe and a series of dramatic, explosive events.”-–Marly Youmans, author of Ingledove and The Curse of the Raven Mocker

About the Author:
Jeffrey Overstreet lives in two worlds. By day, he writes about movies at LookingCloser.org and in notable publications like Christianity Today, Paste, and Image.His adventures in cinema are chronicled in his book Through a Screen Darkly. By night, he composes new stories found in fictional worlds of his own.Living in Shoreline, Washington, with his wife, Anne, a poet, he is a senior staff writer for Response Magazine at Seattle Pacific University.Auralia’s Colors is his first novel. He is now hard at work on many new stories, including three more strands of The Auralia Thread.

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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Christian Writers' Market Guide 2008 by Sally Stuart

This week, the
Christian Fiction Blog Alliance
is introducing
Christian Writers' Market Guide 2008
WaterBrook Press (January 15, 2008)
Sally Stuart

Wow! The work that went into this guide is incredible!!! I could take months and months to read it all, but one thing I am very sure of. I am sure that this book is going to help me and many other people in our quest to publish our work! I was tickled that Christian Fiction Blog was listed, and this book is so full of so many things that I will be using it and the CD for a long time to come! Again, WOW!

Carol :)


Sally Stuart has been writing for the last 40+ years, and has been putting out the annual "Christian Writers' Market Guide" for the last 23 years. Her other writing includes several Christian education resources books, a children's picture book, a basic writing text, writing resources, and a western novel--plus hundreds of articles and marketing columns. She writes marketing columns for the "Christian Communicator," "Advanced Christian Writer," and the Oregon Christian Writers' Newsletter. She speaks and teaches at Christian Writers' Conferences nationwide. Sally is the mother of 3 and grandmother of 8. She and her husband, Norm, spend their free time vacationing on the Oregon coast.
Check out her blog!


The essential reference tool for the Christian writer, Sally Stuart’s Christian Writers’ Market Guide is now in its 23rd annual edition!
Check out the section on Blogging on page 69...the CFBA is listed!
Writers’ Conference listings, Book Publishers, Magazine Publishers, and a Bookstore filled with the resources you need to be successful in this business. Get a Book Contract or Manuscript Evaluation, and check out the Writer’s Resource links. This book has all you need to connect to all these valuable helps for the beginning, intermediate, or professional writer.
To keep you up to date with the latest marketing news, visit Sally Stuart’s new marketing blog, Christian Writers’ Marketplace, at http://www.stuartmarket.blogspot.com/.
A new, updated version of the Christian Writers’ Market Guide is available about January 15 each year.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Happily Even After by Marilyn Griffith!

Happily Even After by Marilynn Griffith

I really enjoyed this book! It was a great find and an easy read. The story flows very nicely, and it has many many real life moments. I have sent an e-mail to Mrs. Griffith for an online interview. When she gets to answer me I will update this post.

Meanwhile, I would highly recommend anyone single or married to read this book, but especially women who are married and coping with issues with their church and or husbands. Mrs. Griffith has worked a great deal of wonderful advice into this book. Her characters are written very much like many real life people that I have known, or currently know. It made reading this book even more real, and more enjoyable. I wouldn't be surprised if it wound up being a movie later on, much like Tyler Perry has created.

Wonderful Biblical advice was gently and well woven into the very fabric of this book. It was fun to read, had a wonderful ending, and made me want to read more of her books. I appreciated the card that came with the book, it worked as a great book mark while I was reading her work. I would recommend this book to my friends to read with out any hesitation! Thanks for reading my review, and if you can, go get a copy of this book! It is bound to Bless someone you know!

Carol :)

Find this book here: http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/0373785984

Marilynn Griffith is mom to a tribe, wife to a deacon and proof that God gives second chances. While best known for her colorful novels about friendship, family and faith, Marilynn is also a speaker and nonfiction writer.

Her nonfiction has been included in CHICKEN SOUP FOR THE CHRISTIAN WOMAN'S SOUL and several other devotionals and magazines. Currently, Marilynn is editor of the SISTAHFAITH:BELIEVING BEYOND SHAME anthology. She is also the founder of Faithchick.com, a blog for faith fiction readers.

Marilynn is the author of six novels dealing with issues such as teen pregnancy, AIDS, abstinence, stress relief, single parenting and marriage. Her recent fiction titles include TANGERINE and IF THE SHOE FITS.

Marilynn has served as Vice President and Publicity Officer of American Christian Fiction Writers. She speaks to youth, women and writers about believing beyond boundaries and daring to reach dreams.

Marilynn lives in Florida with her husband and seven children whom she taught at home for seven years. When not chasing toddlers, helping with homework or trying to find her husband a clean shirt, she can be found scribbling furiously on her next novel.

To book Marilynn for media interviews, speaking engagements, Serious Fun fiction parties or book club call-ins, please contact her thru her WEBSITE.

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