Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Blogging about Wayfarer's Journal

Well, here I am! This is my first review, and I hope it is up to the standards that it needs to be!
Wayfarer's Journal was quite an interesting surprise! At first I found it a bit odd to navigate, but I got the hang of it. I tried all the links under the stories. Two of them worked, and I did read the two that I could access. Only one of the two links that worked made me really wish I could read the rest of that author's work!
"The Soulless" by Donna Sundblad quite interesting. She is tackling a topic that is often debated, and doesn't seem to have any really solid answers for most people. She is working with the aspect of what if you believed that humans who had been cloned were with out souls? What if they were or are with out the reach of God's Salvation? What if you found out you were the product of such a creation?! How would you know if you had a soul, or would you decide that you were born with out just because you had been cloned? I would really like to read more of "The Soulless".
The web site over all is interesting! Several stories are in the archives, and some are currently posted to be read more easily. I really did enjoy the Poetry, and thought it was a nice touch to the site. I didn't get to interview the author of this site, but I think that Terri Main has had a wonderful idea to bring together a place for more Christian Science Fiction, and a place for writers starting up in Christian Science Fiction to be found and seen. I really liked that!
I am a *HUGE* Science Fiction fan, as is my husband, and most of my family. Science Fiction gives up a place to ask the questions that aren't asked as easily in other areas. It provides a fantastic platform for so very many things, and just as I *loved* CS Lewis's Space Trilogy, I really enjoyed this web site. Thank you to Terri Main for creating it, and I will be sure to send some of my friends over to check out the Wayfarer's Journal!
Be Blessed!
Carol :)
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Donna Sundblad said...


Thank you for your kind words about my story "Soulless". As I wrote this short story it did inspire more, and in November I wrote the first draft of a novel based on this story. In 2008 I plan to revise, edit and submit. So perhaps you will have the chance to read more.

Donna Sundblad

Rebecca LuElla Miller said...

Great post, Carol! You gave your readers lots of information about the story you highlighted and about Wayfarers Journal!

BTW, since you are such a big sci fi fan, you might be interested in my review of one of the stories in the archives, “The Reconstructed Man” by Johne Cook. I thought it was excellent.


storyline said...

Nice review. Makes me want to read more too.

Carol E. Keen said...

Dear Ms. Donna Sundblad,

Oh thank you! I really did like it very much, and I would love to read more of "Soulless"! If you can, let me know when you get more ready for reading. I am not 100% sure how that works, but I would love to read "the rest of the story"! What I got to read made me want to read more.

Carol :)
Carol E. Keen