Friday, February 5, 2016

Evil Forebodings by Carol E. Keen

It's announcement time again! My second fiction book is called Evil Forebodings.
Here is my cover:

About the Book:

Tiffany Rodgers is the kind of danger that she never dreamed could happen to her in the quiet little town of Newville. She is being stalked and having strange visions. The animals even seem different of late, somehow affected by the changes in the air. Officer Allen Lawrence is drawn to Tiffany, but he has reservations. Is she losing her mind, playing games, or are the things that she is seeing more than just evil forebodings?

So far I have one five star rating. I hope that you will check it out, because my beta readers have said it is good. That just makes me excited! Here is the book link:

Feel free to ask questions. I love hearing from you! 
Carol :) 
PS - One more news update. Monstrous Beauty, the sequel to Beauty For Ashes is now being edited. It's the second book in The Beauty Series. 

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