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Singularity by Steven James

Steven James is another writer who had never bored me. In this book, Singularity he picked up where Placebo left and and went to a whole next level! You could read this book with out having read the first one I think. Even so, this is a super strong second book!

We pick back up with Jev, and his friends. They have just lost someone they deeply care about, in a most unusual manor, and it was a murder. While they are trying to work on what exactly happened there, we are also reading about a man who has no problem playing God. That would be Derek Byrne, Akinsanya from the first book. He is taking Science to the next evolutionary level for humans, and it is something most people probably didn't see coming at first. Derek isn't afraid to take his desire to live certain ways the extreme. Wait till you find out what the grey stuff  Derek keeps adding to his coffee is. (That was um, different that I expected it to be!)

This book is not for the faint of heart. It covers some real, what if- and oh that would SO not be good possibilities. Just one of the issues tackled is when are people in a comma really dead, when or if they should be released from their physically bodies? What if they are just trapped unable to respond? What if the insertion of drastic measures could cause them to be functional again? Questions of ethics, morals, and possibilities unfold in page after page, while still sharing the story of Jev, his friends and the one person they are still working to stop before more lives are lost.

Highly recommended for anyone who enjoys these kinds of books like I do! (PS- though it might impact some people more the way Steven James does it, I don't find his work any more graphic than most crime solving style TV series. I think what causes most people to feel that his work is "gruesome" is that he has not spared showing how evil Evil can really be.)

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Jevin Banks is searching for a killer--and answers to terrifying questions he never even thought to ask.
Cover ArtWhen his friend is murdered, illusionist Jevin Banks is determined to find out what really happened. Drawn deep into a web of conspiracy and top-secret research on human consciousness, Jevin won't stop digging until the truth is revealed. Soon he uncovers a dark secret that could change the very fabric--and future--of human life on the planet.

Based on frightening scientific realities and bristling with mystery, suspense, and intrigue, Singularity is the riveting sequel to Placebo.

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"Steven James knows how to tell a story that gets under your skin and challenges the way you think as only the most talented writers can. If you're looking for a mind-bending tale, strap in and take the ride with Singularity. I can't recommend it highly enough."
Ted DekkerNew York Times bestselling author


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